about us

Welcome to our free database of girls who love to play all kinds of water sports! Our page is and will always be free both for girls, who would like to advertise their unique and wonderful services, and for men, who would like to meet as many open-minded, fun-loving girls as possible.

Our desire is to create a website that will become a safe place for people sharing our hobby to find new and exciting relationship through our mediation. We wish for men looking to be treated with a nice squirting or pissing not to have to go through all the trouble of weeding out partners unwilling to satisfy their basic desires, prudes and other hard-heads they may have to encounter on their way to sexy bliss both in real life and on all those lonely nights spent in front of their screens browsing through heaps of disappointing ads. We’ve been there, so we are here to end your misery! No more frustrating let downs when you find your perfect girl or just a nice piece of ass to have some fun with, go through trouble of setting dates, making appointments, arrangements, spending substantial amounts of time and hard cash and only then finding out, that you are not going to get your fun the way you like it. For a standard date going south (in a bad way), there is always taking matters in your own hands. But for any extra needs? A snowball’s chance in hell you can do it all by yourself!

Then worry not, my friend, the rescue squirting team has come to save you from this burning desire with a nice shower. All the girls advertising their companionship here are avid water athletes! Just find your perfect friend now and thank us later.