My name is Alma. Remember it, you will be screaming it later! I come from Estonia, but me being from a northern country doesn’t make me cold or gloomy. On the contrary, I’m a volcano of energy, hotter than the fire itself. This is why hot Dubai nights are just the thing for me. Of course everybody needs to cool off now and again, so I love showers. As a bit of a materialist, I especially love golden showers. If you are a fan of water sports just like me, I think we should meet really soon. Even without knowing you yet, I already have a plan for our perfect meeting.

How about arranging a romantic date for the two of us, putting on some soft music, drinking good wine, lighting candles and not turning on the AC? This way I will have to give you a nice striptease to shake off some of the heat. See me moving slowly for your pleasure, taking of a garment after garment, giving you something to look at and to rub against and then give you a splash of pleasure… If that sounds good for you, wait until you get to taste the rest!

I’m getting hotter even thinking about this… Write or call me soon, baby, don’t keep me waiting!

My phone number: +971 504 910 709